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Consumer Shows & Engagement Marketing
No other marketing opportunity delivers qualified consumers whose primary reason for attending is to obtain information to make purchase decisions—for a fraction of the cost of traditional ways of reaching this audience.
10 Reasons to Exhibit in Consumer Shows
  • Shows are live and compelling, you can't just "ignore the email"

  • Shows are ideal for launching new products. View reactions of consumers immediately.

  • Shows produce far fewer unqualified buyers than any other form of advertising.

  • Attendees are ready to make decisions and buy.

  • A ton of marketing objectives completed in 1 show: immediate sales, get quality leads, build brand awareness; sample products, set appointments, build up customer traffic for the future, and more!

  • Shows are cost-effective. The event producer takes on the heavy investement in marketing.

  • Pre-qualified audience. They paid to attend.

  • Shows are excellent at helping you stand out from your competition. Time to interact and, with authentic "face-to-face" interactions.

  • Shows are one of the only effective forms of true "face-to-face" marketing creating strong connections.

  • Consumers can touch, see, hear, taste, feel and/or smell the products. It is the 'experience' that engages all senses...what no other form of marketing can do.

Experiential Marketing:

Directly engaging consumers in a mutually beneficial, authentic interaction to encourage them to experience a brand.

Businesses that should consider becoming an exhibitor at our shows are business that are looking for successful experiences at an Iowa home show or events like a Des Moines home and remodeling show.

Newer events to the Des Moines metro area that might fit a niche your company is related to are the Health & Fitness Expo and the 55 Plus Lifestyle Expo. We have many categories of business we are looking for so reach out to see if you might be what we are looking for!

Our sponsors and our partners are very important to us and the viability of our events. That’s why we choose them carefully and work hard to do our best to help them achieve their goals.


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